Thursday, September 18, 2008

Life Group Lesson

Love our life's going to be awesome!

Anywho, we spent some time praying/thanking God with our eyes open which was to represent that He was sitting with us in the room and we were just talking with Him...amazing. While we were doing that I thanked Him for teaching me that Alyssum throwing her food on the floor is just a tiny part of her life...that I needed to get my eyes on the bigger picture (read previous blog). I thanked Him for continuing to teach us how to be parents. Then Aaron brought up that God often sees us throwing our food on the floor...of course it looks a little different...but the acting out is the same. When we do that He is so patient with us...He might discipline us, but His loving correction grows us so much.

Thanks again, Lord, for teaching us how to be parents!


Jamie said...

Yea for an awesome life group! The vegs on the floor helped us all. So excited to get to know you and the hubby. You picked a good one!

Juliette said...

There is nothing in life that teaches us more about God than parenting - don't you agree? Well, maybe gardening, cuz there's a lot of analogies that you can draw from that :)
We're planning on joining the group next week, so see you there!

nathan said...

when I was growing up, my father took us up on a mountain and taught us how to pray with 'eyes open' ... freaked me out ... I'm stoked about your life group ... let's make disciples ...