Thursday, February 26, 2009

3 Months!

In exactly 3 months we will be welcoming our new little girl into this world. That's right, Tuesday, May 26 will be her birthday. I know it sounds a little weird that I'm announcing the day of her birth, but that is the only (and I mean ONLY) good thing about having a c-section is that I can schedule and plan ahead of time. It is the day after Memorial Day so hopefully everyone will be back from any possible vacation and ready to help a mama out...I hate surgery...ALOT! I mean the actual surgery and birth is wonderful and completely pain free, but it's the whole 6 weeks of recovery that stinks...especially with a newborn, a toddler, an 8o lb puppy, and stairs. I know I'll survive, especially with the help of my wonderful friends and family (yes, that probably means you ;)!

On a happier note, the Lord has given us a name for her. It is Olivia. It comes from the word olive which symbolizes peace and victory; He told us that she is going to be our peacemaker. Yay, another peacemaker in the family, especially with the passionate Matt and Matt Jr., I mean Alyssum, in the house! I love it, seeing how God is creating our family. Anyways, her middle name will be Marie, which is also my middle name. God has also revealed things about her to my mom like He did before Alyssum's arrival. God is so faithful and amazing!

Olivia Marie in 3 months...

Oh crap! I only have 3 months left...gotta go!