Sunday, January 12, 2014

Saying Yes to God Dreams

Saying yes to God Dreams for your life.  What does that mean?

If it's the Promised Land, then it's learning to transition from the wilderness... a place where everything was stripped from you and so you chose God, now to a place where you have everything, but willing give it all up and still choose God.

If it's adoption, you're not JUST choosing to save a child in to family.  You are saying yes to becoming the best parent which is a harsh stripping of your old self.  You are saying yes to having your character questioned and judged and your entire reputation solely in the hands of God.  You are saying yes to the freedom of an entire nation of orphans. You are saying yes to fighting against the principalities and forces whose whole existence is to bring brokenness to people.

If it's to teach, preach, speak words of life then you are saying yes to being stripped of the need for man's approval.  You are saying yes to seeking only the Lord's approval.  You are saying yes to go through crazy seasons of life, openly, so that you can learn, in order to teach others.   You are saying to humility knowing that the only wisdom you have to share is not yours, but God's.

If it's to fund the church you are saying yes to being stripped of all greediness and love of money (no matter how small).  You are saying yes to give even when you have nothing. You are saying yes to putting your whole heart into knowing that not a single thing on this earth is yours.  You are saying yes to testing the Lord's faithfulness to provide over and over when it looks impossible.  You are saying yes to the battle against mammon.

If it's to see the next generation come to fullness in Christ you are saying yes to becoming a father or mother to many.  You are saying yes to rejection and yes to still keeping your heart open in spite of it.  You are saying yes to the roller coaster of emotion that comes with walking with others through healing.  You are saying yes to traveling with others through many seasons.  You are saying yes to the battle against a culture that battles for their hearts.

Saying yes to overseas missions means letting go of the life you've ever known.  You are saying yes to a level of loneliness that many will never know.  You are saying yes to a lifestyle, to struggles, to battles that most don't have or understand.  You are saying yes to living without many comforts. You are also saying yes to be fully given to see hope restored to an entire people group.

Saying yes to dreams means that sometimes you will have to walk in obedience when all the passion has faded... to keep saying yes everyday when you don't understand and it doesn't make sense.  It means you must learn to keep your heart soft, open, and vulnerable knowing that our Father in Heaven is shepherding it.  It means you must let go of control.

Saying yes to a dream is saying yes to the act of trusting.

It also means that He will protect you, comfort you, and lead to still waters that provides rest for your soul.  It means you will ALWAYS have a Hope to cling to... a Hope that also clings to you!  It means you will live a wild, unpredictable life that is full of adventure, life, hope, restoration, miracles, joy, peace, tears, laughter, family, and becoming more of who you were actually created to be.

Saying yes brings the kingdom of Heaven to earth now.

Saying yes means you become you.