Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hospital Pics

Ok, everyone! Here are a few pictures to hold you over until we get better ones and/or you meet her in person...enjoy! :)

Monday, May 25, 2009

The Day Has Come

That's right! I did it. I made it through another pregnancy...and again, I did it only by God's grace.

It's the night before... kind of strange knowing exactly when the moment is going to come...being able to anticipate the meeting of my daughter for the first time down to the very hour. It's good because I can plan, packing, organizing, childcare, out-of-town family/friend visitors. It's bad because I don't get very good sleep the night before...kind of like the night before your first day of have your new outfit picked out, your new binders and backpacks ready to go, you even plan which friends you'll sit with at lunch so you know for sure you won't be alone. But even with all of that, you still don't know how the day is going to unfold emotionally, if there will be any unforeseen circumstances that take place, or just simply if everything will play out exactly how you pictured it would. But that's OK. This is the part where I nuzzle into the arms of my loving heavenly Father and trust Him for everything...even sleep! Everyone else in the house is asleep...including the I can do it too!

Actually...who cares if I don't sleep...I get to meet my baby girl tomorrow! See you tomorrow, Olivia :)