Sunday, November 23, 2008

Keep It Going

Six different elephants in the church we've talked about. All of them very important. I think the two that carry the most shame and embarrassment, especially for women, is the "Sexy Elephant" and the "Porn Addicted Elephant". If you have no idea what I'm talking about go to and listen to the podcasts.

These messages at church have finally opened the door for us women to talk about this bring everything into the light...whether hurts or sin...God wants it all...He wants freedom for us all. I've already been apart of many conversations with single and married women and we must keep going. Just because it's not being talked about in the front of the church anymore doesn't mean we stop talking about it. All of us have been affected by sex. So instead of just keeping it to ourselves because of shame or guilt, lets talk about it and live in freedom. God wants and has always intended for this area to be a blessing in our lives, not a source of pain.

So let's talk about it! Talk to with a with someone you trust...just talk and allow the Lord's light to fill this dark place!