Monday, March 2, 2009

A Women's Movement

I just have to start off by saying how completely amazing God's faithfulness is!

So a few years ago the Lord started igniting passion and vision in me for women, and more specifically the women at the Stirring. My heart was alive with love for them and my mind was dreaming dreams for them. The Lord had so clearly spoken vision to me regarding His heart for us and purpose for us as a community of His daughters.

Well, as I was just beginning to walk it out, the Lord stripped it all away from me. He didn't do it because I was bad or did something wrong, He just had to take me through a wilderness in which He could heal me, teach me, and make me more like Him. I had always wondered why He would give me all these desires for the future just to take them away so quickly, but now I know He is preparing me and molding me into the kind of servant that can actually do the great things He has shown me! But even better than that, He is still carrying out the vision for the Stirring women regardless if I'm apart of it or not! So again, I reiterate, God is faithful!

He showed this to me one day recently while praying for our upcoming women's retreat. After revealing His bigger plan for this retreat to me, I found a faded bookmark in an old purse that I decided to start using again that had on it the words that described the vision for the Women's Movement from a few years ago; the very words God had shown me and stirred my heart with before my trek in the wilderness. As I read the words and remembered the heart He had once given me it started to blend with what He was currently doing with our retreat. I got so excited because I realized that although I hadn't really been involved in any women's ministry prior to this retreat that God was still working on His plan; that these dreams (really His dreams) didn't die with me, but dreams He was still unfolding regardless of whether I was the conduit or not! I love it! Although it is very humbling, it does take all the pressure off. Plus, I can look back and realize that through all my ups and downs with this He was still in control of my heart the entire time...that it wasn't me going crazy or something...strong passions one minute and then complete desolation the next.

Anyways, with all that said, here are the words from long ago that are still alive and making there way back into my heart's desire for us women at the Stirring:

Rest: It all must start with us entering God's rest. It is from that place only that we can move

Heal: While in God's rest He wants to bring healing to our hurts, our wounds, our pasts.

Unveil: Once we begin the healing process He will begin to unveil our beauty...our image of God
that us as women bear.

Reveal: As we are becoming more secure in our identity in Christ He will start to show us how
we are each individually wired and gifted...our specific purpose He has created us for.

Inspire: By living out this process, especially if we are transparent through it, other
women/sisters will be drawn to this freedom they see us experiencing and will
therefore draw closer to their Father in heaven.

Meaningful: Although all things are possible with God, He usually doesn't take women through
this process alone. Therefore, our relationships with other women will become
deeper, closer and more meaningful because of this shared vulnerability.

Captivate: Women either bring life or death to the world. If we are willing to be taken
through this process we will bring life. The world will see our amazing Lord Jesus
alive in us. This is our evangelism.

So those are the words, the dream I believe God has for our community. It is what I see Him doing already, through life groups, other small groups, and one on one mentorship...and I see it only getting better!

What are your thoughts?