Sunday, June 8, 2008

My Body...A Temple? Part 2

So the thoughts behind this blog have been stirring around in my head for a couple of weeks now, but after Nate's message last Sunday, I don't want to wait any longer (although this is the first time this week I've actually had time to write).

To answer my previous question: 'does the battle get easier if I make my health about Him?' ...the answer is a resounding YES! Here's why:

First, my focus is on Him which means my mind is not consumed with all of my imperfections and all of the thoughts that keep me from being content. Now, because my focus is on God and not myself does that mean that I don't care about feeling beautiful? ABSOLUTELY NOT! God created me with the desire to feel beautiful (Captivating is one of my favorite books). Here's the thing, even though the gym feels like a distant memory now and my newly developed muscle tone is turning to mush, I've never felt more beautiful in my entire life! And I know some of you are thinking, "I'd feel beautiful too if I had your body"(you know who you are), but you wouldn't if your focus wasn't on the Lord. I know because I wouldn't be content or feel completely beautiful right now if it weren't for Him; I would find something to complain about and my many imperfections would be my focus. I still admit that getting hit on during a girls night out and supermodel comments (thanks Anna) are esteem boosters, but I don't need them to compensate for negative thoughts...they're just icing on the cake.

Second, because my mind is filled with more of God than with me, I seem to think about food a lot less...which means the temptation level goes way down...which means my fight is a lot easier! The result of all this is that now when I do splurge some I actually enjoy myself and don't feel guilty when it's all over.

End result: I feel like I'm experiencing a new sense of freedom. My outward appearance hasn't changed much, but my perception has! I guess I'm seeing myself more and more as God sees me!

Thank you, Lord, that in your presence I lack nothing!


Becky Moseley said...

"So, do you guys like to party?" I know it's just icing but for me it was pretty flattering icing. We've still got it, my dear. Can't wait to read through "Captivating" with you and C, since I know it'll help us all through the issues that came up last night.

Brett and Emily said...

Hey friend, I love your thoughts, I love your heart. I am always amazed at what thoughts come out of your head after your processing is complete and the truths that God gives you through those processes. You have given me much to think about for myself. Thank you and we need to do lunch soon! I miss you!

Candace said...

Such great thoughts! I'm extremely happy for you and aspire to try and think/feel the same way. I love how you said that the "icing" isn't compensating for the negative thoughts. I know you are my friend, but sometimes I feel like I could sit at your feet and just listen to you wisdom! Love you.

Anna said...

Sarah, I just saw your comment about the make up brushes! I use Bath & Body Works hand soaps. They smell nice and they are pretty colors. I know it's not the best soap but it makes me happy.

Juliette said...

This was a beautiful post Sarah. I love that you are seeing yourself the way God sees you. I definitely need a little bit more of that. thanks for sharing - your honesty is refreshing!

Rachael said...

Hey thanks for doing my make up last night I got few compliments on it!!! I want to hang out some time I really had fun last night!!