Thursday, August 14, 2008

Brams and the Olympics

The Bram family has quite a history with the Summer Olympics. This is our 3rd Olympics together and it has never been a dull moment.

2000: We were celebrating our first year of marriage together!

2004: Matt relied on the Olympics while he was in St. Mary's Spine Center in San Francisco recovering from his disc replacement/back surgery while being fed solely through an IV.

2008: We are now watching our almost 10month old daughter have the attention span of an adult when it comes to watching the gymnasts do all of their twists, turns and flips (this proves she is definitely my daughter!).

I'm so curious as to where we'll be in 2012...2016...2020...


Lizzie said...

Both my kids love the Olympics too! Good thing for them since it's on 24/7 around here :)

Zane can't get enough of Micheal Phelps when swimming is one.

Audrey has been in Gymnastics for a year now and just looks at the TV and casualy says "Oh, I can do that" (yeah girl, i think they can do more then a forward roll!)

Glad you are all enjoying it.

Amy said...

Bailee loves watching gymnastics. She watches with big eyes. "She flips round and round" she says then cracks up laughing.

Candace said...

How cool that it was on at so many important parts of your lives. It makes it that much more special. I love watching them too. I'm excited to join you tomorrow the Womens Individual All-Around!

Juliette said...

Ruby has been totally glued to the tv watching the olympics this week too. I loved it because I actually got the kitchen clean while she watched womens gymnastics from the other day.

This is the third "Olympics" related blog I've read in the last few minutes - popular topic :)